A Refresher Course on “The Closer”

The time between TV seasons is long and it’s easy to forget things.  I’m here to refresh your memory on TV shows before they premiere so you don’t have to. First up, TNT’s “The Closer,” whose final season begins tomorrow at 9pm.

Last season featured several major changes for Kyra Sedgwick‘s Brenda Leigh Johnson, beginning with a new state-of-the-art building.  One season-long arc revolved around the search for a new Chief of Police.

J.K. Simmons‘s Pope threw his hat in the ring, only to be stunned to find out that Brenda was in the running as well. Despite all of the tension these internal politics created, neither of them got the job, which ultimately went to guest star Courtney B. Vance‘s Tommy Delk.

Also, we saw more of Internal Affairs Captain Sharon Rador, played by “Battlestar Galactica”‘s Mary McDonnell, who we will most certainly be seeing more of this season to set up the spinoff “Major Crimes”.

The season finale was pretty much a standard procedural episode, but there were a few interesting developments, namely husband and FBI agent Fritz (played by Jon Tenney) finally giving Brenda more insight into his past as an alcoholic.

The 7th season will deal with the aftermath of one of last season’s episodes in which Brenda left a gang member unprotected, knowing he would be killed, and will feature an arc from “Lost”‘s Mark Pellegrino.

That wraps up this class period. Check out the next installment of A Refresher Course, coming soon.

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