The TV Talk’s Fall Picks – ABC

While I’m counting down the days until fall, I’ve decided to detail the shows I’m looking forward to (and what I’m not) from each network. Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the trailers and am only going on my intuition as an avid TV viewer. The links will take you to the web site for each new show, click on them to watch trailers and see cast photos.

Returning Favorites:

“Modern Family” finished its wonderful second season with a touching finale that left us wanting more… additions to the family? We’ll see if Cameron and Mitchell decide to adopt another child, while Lily herself is getting older and will become more involved in the show.. Wednesdays 9pm.

I’m so excited that “Happy Endings” was renewed for a second season, complete with more Penny and Max. If only we can get a sequel to that Jazz-Kwon Do episode. Wednesdays 9:30pm.

Last season of “Grey’s Anatomy” ended up with some of the Seattle Grace doctors’ relationships on the rocks, and we’ll see how it all plays out before the original actors’ contracts are up at the end of the year.  Thursdays 9pm.

Hopefully we’ll get some answers on Benjamin Bratt’s mysterious “Private Practice” character soon after the start of the season.  We’ll see the aftermath of Pete’s heart attack and start fresh at a new medical practice without Naomi Bennett. Thursday 10pm.

“Desperate Housewives” returns for what feels like the 15th season of shenanigans. This show isn’t what it once was, but the finale twist that left the leading ladies (and Carlos) covering up a murder gave me a small glimmer of hope. Another thing is that Tom and Lynnette (AKA TV’s worst couple) have separated, and hopefully they won’t reconcile too soon. Sundays 9pm.

New Series:

I haven’t seen enough of “Once Upon A Time” to make up my mind. The parts from the trailer that showed the residents of Storybrooke in their  fairytale setting looked cheesy, but with a cast that includes “Big Love”‘s Ginnifer Goodwin and House’s Jennifer Morrison, I more than willing to give it a shot. Sundays 8pm in October.

“Pan Am” looks beautiful, and the 1960s flight attendants-and-pilots drama seems like it could be very fun. Not to mention the weekly addition of Christina Ricci on my television. My only concern is the espionage storyline, which could be entertaining or way over-the-top. I don’t know for sure, but this show looks like a keeper. Sundays 10pm.

I don’t have anything positive to say about “Last Man Standing.”  The comedy series was supposed to be Tim Allen’s big return to TV, but it just doesn’t seem like the show to do it.  Tuesdays 8pm in October.

If “Man Up!” can develop past its where-did-the-real-men-go premise, perhaps it could become a good ensemble comedy in the vein of the now mistitled “Cougar Town.” Let’s hope it can do so, because the cast, including Amanda Detmer and Teri Polo, has potential. Tuesdays 8:30pm in October.

One of the funniest comedy trailers (if not the funniest) I’ve seen so far, “Suburgatory” looks like a hit. Sandwiched in a sweet spot between the underrated “The Middle” and smash hit “Modern Family,” this show has more than a shot. I can’t wait to see more sardonic wit from up-and-comer Jane Levy. Wednesdays 8:30pm.

New drama “Revenge” has such a high-concept premise that it is hard to tell how it can sustain itself for more than a few episodes. Emily VanCamp (Brothers and Sisters) stars as a mysterious woman who returns to the Hamptons seeking — get it — revenge. If they can get the right amount of soapy drama, I’ll be there. Wednesdays 10pm.

“Charlie’s Angels” has the makings of a great remake, by staying true to the premise, a great cast, including Minka Kelly (“Friday Night Lights“),  Rachael Taylor (“Grey’s Anatomy”), and Annie Ilonzeh (“General Hospital”). However, I haven’t seen the chemistry between the actors, and a show like this rests on those relationships. I still think it’s worth a shot. Thursdays 8pm.

Along with NBC, ABC has one of the highest numbers of new series for this year.  Along with the returning “Cougar Town,” ABC will also premiere edgy comedy “Apartment 23,” soapy dramedy “GCB,” the Ashley Judd-starrer “Missing,” the frightening “The River,” Shonda Rhimes‘s “Scandal,” and the men-in-drag comedy “Work It.”

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Sources: ABC, Entertainment Weekly (1), The Hollywood Reporter (1)


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