The TV Talk’s Fall Picks – The CW

While I’m counting down the days until fall, I’ve decided to detail the shows I’m looking forward to (and what I’m not) from each network. Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the trailers and am only going on my intuition as an avid TV viewer. The links will take you to the web site for each new show, click on them to watch trailers and see cast photos.

Returning Favorites:

“Gossip Girl” returns for a fifth season of more backstabbing and ulterior motives minus a few supporting characters. Will Blair Waldorf marry Prince Louis? Only time will tell. Mondays 8pm.

Of all the returning CW series, “90210” may be going through the most change.  With the West Bev gang graduated from high school, we’ll see them transition to life in college.  Can’t wait to see what the writers have in store. Tuesdays 8pm.

In the season finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” Jeremy began to understand the consequences of Bonnie bringing him back from the dead when his two dead girlfriends showed up. Why are they here? And what about that Damon-Elena kiss? Thursdays 8pm.

“Nikita” finished a buttkicking first season with a number of game-changers, including setting up a possible rivalry between Nikita and Alex. All I know is I want more screen time for Amanda (Melinda Clarke) this season. Fridays 8pm.

The sixth season ender of “Supernatural” found Castiel becoming a God, and not necessarily a good one. This show continually defies expectations, and it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next. Fridays 9pm.

New Series:

The concept “Hart of Dixie” doesn’t seem entirely original, but that’s not a bad thing.  The fish-out-of-water doctor, played by “The O.C.”‘s Rachel Bilson, will arrive in a small town filled with a number of eccentric characters.  If this can capture the spirit of the old WB shows, I’ll be there. Mondays 9pm.

“Ringer” has an intriguing concept, with Sarah Michelle Gellar in dual roles, both of which have dark secrets. We still don’t know that much about how the show will work on a weekly basis, but more I’m just excited that Buffy is back on my TV. Tuesdays 9pm.

New reality series “H8R” follows people meeting the celebrity they cannot stand, which could be fun depending on the sort of stars they get. Wednesdays 9pm.

“The Secret Circle” comes from “The Vampire Diaries” creator Kevin Williamson, which is all I need. But with “Life Unexpected”‘s Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), I know I’ll be watching.

The CW has more coming in midseason, including the final 13-episode season of  “One Tree Hill,” as well as reality TV entries “Remodeled, which revolves around a network of modeling agencies, and social experiment “The Frame.”

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Source: The CW, eOnline (1)


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