The TV Round-Up

With so many developments in the TV business today, catch up on the news in this edition of The TV Round-Up:

It’s looking like Jennifer Lopez will return to “American Idol.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

A preview of what’s to come on The CW‘s upcoming 7th season of “Supernatural.” [eOnline]

No need to worry football fans, a deal has been made and there will be a 2011-12 NFL season. [The Washington Post]

Superheroes, “The X Files,” and long-lost dads? Here’s some scoop on the new season of  ABC‘s “Castle.” [TVLine]

If you enjoyed the AV Club’s breakdown of “Community” season 2 with creator Dan Harmon, check out their new 4-part series on “Parks & Recreation” season 3 with co-creator Michael Schur. [The AV Club]

James Franco will return as “General Hospital” villain. [TVGuide]


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