The TV Casting Scoop

With so many new and returning shows coming this fall, there have been a lot of new characters being added. Here are some of the big casting scoops:

Patricia Clarkson is… “Parks & Recreation”‘s terrifying Tammy 1! [The AV Club]

Get ready for Eddie Izzard vs. Lockhart/Gardner on this season of “The Good Wife.” [TVGuide]

Poor Rita! Julie Benz status has been demoted on CBS’s upcoming “A Gifted Man” as the series shifts away from the family and more to the medicine. [Deadline]

Rob Kardashian to appear on “Dancing with the Stars” in the fall? [AOL TV]

Martin Starr (“Party Down,” “Freaks & Geeks”) joins “Community” as a political sciene professor. The role could be recurring. [TVLine]

“Deadwood”‘s Molly Parker joins Josh Lucas and Juliette Lewis in NBC’s upcoming series “The Firm,” which will take place after the events of the film starring Tom Cruise. [TVGuide]


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