The TV Talk’s Shows I Just Can’t Quit

No matter how hard I try every year, there are some shows I help myself from watching. Here are a few of them:

“Gossip Girl” – I know this show is still very popular, but I feel like the concept is getting very tired.  It began as somewhat of a copycat of “The O.C.,” which isn’t so surprising that they had the same creator.  Does this sound familiar? An outsider falls for a privileged, troubled blonde while a secondary brown-haired couple is far more interesting. Yet the show has essentially become a procedural, substituting a murder victim with a scheme (usually Blair’s) that resolves itself at a party. Every. Single. Week. The games of moral one-upsmanship are getting old, considering how none of the characters have a moral leg to stand on. Still, I return every week, and this fall it’ll be no different. Here’s hoping the exit of two peripheral characters (Vanessa and Jenny) and new blood (Serena’s not-cousin Ivy) will make for a better season 5. Now if they’d just get rid of Rufus and Lily…

“Desperate Housewives” – This show suffers from some of the same problems as “Gossip Girl,” both being soapy dramas that, perhaps to a fault, chose a storytelling device and stuck to it. In this case, the show revolves around weekly comedic shenanigans with an ongoing mystery, usually a secret a new Wisteria Lane resident is hiding.  However, the season-long mysteries of the past few seasons have lost any dramatic tension.  Last season got off to an intriguing start, returning to the first season by bringing back the über-creepy Paul Young and loony Felicia Tillman. Unfortunately, the story never really went to an interesting place, and even the comedic hijinks in every episode, usually revolving around Lynette or Tom doing something horrible and two of the women competing in some way. But this might be the final year, and with this season’s mystery seeming to circle back to the core cast, things could be looking up for the people of Fairview.

“The Office” – I wasn’t a fan from the beginning, and admittedly I only began to catch up a few seasons in when I was getting pressure from friends who were die-hard viewers. Steve Carell‘s brand of uncomfortable humor is not generally my speed, but the show itself was hilarious. These days, I’m lucky if I have one moment in an episode where I’m truly laughing. Jim and Pam are still great (PB and J forever!), but half the time they seem like they’re in their own show. Lots of people asked for the show to end after Carell’s departure, but he wasn’t the reason I watched. Shaking things up by bringing in James Spader and making the show more of an ensemble could help, especially for characters like Angela and Meredith who I feel haven’t really had a storyline in years. Only time will tell if “The Office” can truly reinvent itself.

“House” – To be fair, I’m not the biggest fan of procedurals to begin with. But that might say even more about this show, that was strictly medicine in the first few seasons, and I was still more than game to tune in. The show (and House himself) was funny enough for me to look past a lack of character development past the lead character and the fact that he always got the diagnosis wrong 3 or 4 times before getting it right in the nick of time. I was one of the few fans who seemed to like the season 4 storyline in which House picked a new team, although to be fair it might just be that I like Olivia Wilde. But the show was beginning to show more and more outside of the hospital, and by the time House and Cuddy got together, I was pretty happy.  Yet the show has lost some of its luster, and House has seemed more like a sadsack and less of a curmudgeon. “House” seems to be reaching the end, especially since Cuddy is gone, and that might not be such a bad thing.

“How I Met Your Mother” – I, just like most other HIMYM viewers, am very curious about who “The Mother” is. But it was never why I watched the show, and it has always been obvious that it isn’t really what the show is about. Mainly, it was about this group of friends who liked to hang out at the same bar (not a great idea if you’re trying to meet new women, Ted). This past season was better than the one before it, featuring the death of Marshall’s father and the introduction of Barney’s. Yet the episodes have still seemed a little too “sitcom-y,” including my least favorite sitcom trope of all: creating character traits that only last for one episode (i.e.Lily’s loud chewing.) Depending on how you see it, the show’s 2-season pickup could be a blessing or a curse for viewers. The show, which already has seen its best days, will go on for two more seasons, and not necessarily very good ones. But it also gives the showrunners a chance to map out the end and move the story forward.

See, despite my complaints, I clearly can’t help but think next season will be better for these shows. What TV shows can you not stop watching?


6 Comments on “The TV Talk’s Shows I Just Can’t Quit”

  1. shaolinsybarite says:

    I know the feeling. I wince my way through Covert Affairs, even though Annie Walker is about as believable as mice ringmasters in a cattery. It irritates me, but hell, it’s still there.
    Burn Notice – clever plotting, or at least entertaining McGyver -esque fixes has managed to make pass over the fact that it has a lead played by a plank of wood.
    House – yes to pretty much everything you say, though the fact that Cuddy wanted anything to do with this man at all strained belief almost as much as the idea that someone hasn’t actually found a way to fire him yet. And if I thought it would make any difference to either of our chances, I’d armwrestle you for Olivia Wilde.
    Torchwood – loyalty to the original series has kept me watching the awful Miracle Day – my thoughts in full here –
    but lordy, it’s awful.
    Maybe it’s some sort of nerdy completist bug – I put up with V and The Event right to the end, and the fact that it was David Simon made me struggle through Treme.
    Gossip Girl, though? From here on in, you’re on your own!

    • thetvtalk says:

      Yeah, I stopped watching Covert Affairs a few episodes in, but I know what you mean about Torchwood. Except I don’t have that loyalty because I’d never seen an episode before Miracle Day. I guess it’s just because there isn’t that much on TV in the summer. The premise was kind of interesting, but it hasn’t really gone anywhere. I’m a completist for some things, mainly the shows I mentioned. I had to quit The Event in the middle though. That was BAD.

      • shaolinsybarite says:

        I hate to admit it but ep 4 of Torchwood started to get more interesting. We still have some absolutely terrible performances, but there was – wait for – an exciting bit!

      • thetvtalk says:

        You’re right! I have to say, and I don’t know if this is one of the performances you mentioned, but I’m really enjoying Lauren Ambrose as Jilly. It’s a little campy, but it’s a fun character, unlike the rather bland blonde girl and Mekhi Phifer, whose character has pretty much no redeeming qualities at this point.

  2. Linda says:

    Gossip girl and desperate housewives have become permanent fixtures in my life lol, I could never give the up :/

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