The August Premiere Calendar

With so many new shows starting every month, it’s hard to keep track. Here’s a list of what’s premiering in August:

Monday, August 1
8 Moby Dick  (Miniseries premiere, Encore)
9 The Bad Girls Club (Season Premiere, Oxygen)
Rogue Sharks (Discovery Special)
10 The Real Housewives of New York City (Reunion Special Pt. 2, Bravo)
Summer of the Shark (Discovery Special)

Tuesday, August 2
8 Moby Dick (Miniseries finale, Encore)
9 Billy the Exterminator (Season Premiere, A&E)
Killer Sharks (Discovery Special)
Take the Money and Run (Series Premiere, ABC)
10 Born to Dance: LaurieAnn Gibson (Series Premiere BET)
Picker Sisters (Series Premiere, Lifetime)

Wednesday, August 3
9 How Sharks Hunt (Discovery Special)

Thursday, August 4
9 Shark City (Discovery Special)
10 Jersey Shore (Season Premiere, MTV)
When Fish Attack 3 (Discovery Special)

Friday, August 5
8 Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (Disney)
Friends with Benefits (NBC)
10 Extraordinary Acts of Courage (Series Premiere, OWN)
Four Weddings (Mid-season premiere, TLC)
11 Whisker Wars (Series Premiere, IFC)

Saturday, August 6
8 Curb Appeal: The Block (Season Premiere, HGTV)
9 When Fish Attack 2 (Discovery Special)
10 Home Takeover with Simon & Tomas (Series Premiere, OWN)

Sunday, August 7
7 Teen Spirit (TV Movie, ABC Family)
8 Curiosity (Series Premiere, Discovery)
Teen Choice 2011 (FOX Special)
9 Curiosity After Show (Discovery Special)

Monday, August 8
8 Bachelor Pad (Season Premiere, ABC)
Tia & Tamera (Series Premiere, Style)
10 Donna Decorates Dallas (Series Premiere, HGTV)
10:30 Sugar High (Series Premiere, Food)

Tuesday, August 9
9 Auction Kings (Season Premiere, Discovery)
Crazy About Pippa (TLC Special)
Gordon Ramsay’s F Word (Season Premiere, BBC America)
10 Dirty Money (Series Premiere, Discovery)
Top Shot (Season Premiere, History)

Thursday,  August 11
10:30 Russian Dolls (Series Premiere, Lifetime)

Friday, August 12
9 Karaoke Battle USA (Series Premiere, ABC)
10 Strike Back (Series Premiere, Cinemax)
Whale Wars: Reunion (Animal Planet Special)

Saturday, August 13
9 Doomsday Prophecy (TV Movie, Syfy)
Honeymoon for One (TV Movie, Hallmark)
Momster of the Bride (Miniseries premiere, Style)

Sunday, August 14
9 In the Flow with Affion Crockett (Series Premiere, FOX)
10 The Great Food Truck Race (Season Premiere, Food)
10 High Stakes Sweepers’ (TLC Special) special presentation

Monday, August 15
9 The Lying Game (Series Premiere, ABC Family)
Millionaire Matchmaker (Season Premiere, Bravo)
10 Dina’s Party (Series Premiere, HGTV)
Hair Battle Spectacular (Season Premiere, Oxygen)
Most Eligible Dallas (Series Premiere, Bravo)

Tuesday, August  16
9 What Not to Wear (Season Premiere, TLC)

Wednesday, August 17
9 I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (Mid-Season Premiere, TLC)
Law & Order: UK (Season Premiere, BBC America)
Ton of Cash (Series Premiere, VH1)
10 CMT Made (Series Premiere, CMT)
The Hour (Series Premiere, BBC America)
Outrageous Kid Parties (Season Premiere, TLC)

Thursday, August 18
8 Salvage Code Red (Season Premiere, TLC)
9 Do Something Awards 2011 (VH1 Special)
10 Beyond Scared Straight (Season Premiere, A&E)

Friday, August 19
9 Tanked (Series Premiere, Animal Planet)

Sunday, August 21
10 My Collection Obsession (TLC Special)

Monday, August 22
9 Top Gear UK (Season Premiere, BBC America)
10 La La’s Full Court Life (Season Premiere, VH1)
10:30 The T.O. Show (Season Premiere, VH1)

Wednesday, August  24
8 Buried Treasure (Series Premiere, FOX)
9 Confessions:  Animal Hoarding (Season Premiere, Animal Planet)
Ghost Hunters (Mid-Season Premiere, Syfy)
10 Top Chef Just Desserts (Season Premiere, Bravo)

Friday, August 26
10 Rat Busters NYC (Series Premiere, Animal Planet)

Saturday, August  27
9 Doctor Who (Mid-Season Premiere, BBC America)
Killer Mountain (TV Movie, Syfy)
William & Catherine: A Royal Romance (Hallmark Special)

Sunday, August 28
9 28th MTV Video Music Awards (MTV Special)
10 Livin’ for the Apocalypse’ (TLC Special)
Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind (Series Premiere, OWN)

Monday, August 29
8 Basketball  Wives LA (Series Premiere, VH1)
10 Rob Dyrdek’s ‘Ridiculousness’ (Series Premiere, MTV)
10:30 Death Valley (Series Premiere, MTV)

Tuesday, August 30
10 Big Sexy (Series Premiere, TLC)
Quirky (Series Premiere, Sundance)

Source: AOL TV


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