The TV and Casting Round-Up

Here’s somewhat of a mix of today’s general TV scoop and casting news:

In what will likely be a very unpopular move, Syfy reverses its renewal of “Eureka,” cancelling the show after 5 seasons. However, there are still a dozen or so episodes left to air. [Inside TV]

“Grey’s Anatomy” Scoop: In the wake of Meredith’s ethical breach in the Alzheimer’s drug trials, Dr. Webber has taken the fall and stepped down, leaving a familiar face as the new Chief. [TVGuide]

“Law & Order” alum Linus Roache will reprise his role for an episode of “Law & Order: SVU.” [TVLine]

Chuck Lorre must really dislike Charlie Sheen. Details have come out about how Sheen’s “Two and a Half Men” character meets his demise, and boy is it brutal. [Vulture]

On the final season of “Desperate Housewives,” Renee (Vanessa Williams) is getting a new love interest, played by “V”‘s Charles Mesure. [TVGuide]

A famous Swedish novelist is having his book series adapted for television. No, not that one. The other famous Swedish novelist.  [Deadline]

“All My Children” creator Agnes Nixon will reprise her role on the soap before it goes off the air this fall. [AOL TV]


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