The TV Casting Scoop

With so many new and returning shows coming this fall, there have been a lot of new characters being added. Here are some of the big casting scoops:

Dr. Spaceman FTW: “30 Rock” and “SNL” alum Chris Parnell joins “Suburgatory” as the husband of Cheryl Hines’s character.

It’s Her Party: Musician Colbie Caillat will appear (and perform) as ’60s singer Leslie Gore on an upcoming episode of “The Playboy Club.”

Revolving Door: “Melrose Place”‘s Michael Rady will play Patrick Jane’s 3rd boss so far on this season of “The Mentalist.”

The ‘Rents: “The Office” has cast Andy’s parents, and his dad looks a lot like “7th Heaven”‘s Stephen Collins.

No “Love” Lost: “Big Love” star Bill Paxton will play nemesis to Kevin Coster in the upcoming History channel miniseries “The Hatfields and the McCoys.”

“Buffy”/”Angel” Reunion: In a twist fans of the Whedonverse, “Supernatural” has cast James Marsters (Spike!) as the husband to a witch played by Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia!).

Playing Games: “Suits” has hired “The Game”‘s Pooch Hall in the possibly recurring role of a competitive new associate named Jimmy. His first episode will air this Thursday.


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