The TV Round-Up: Development Edition

The fall TV season hasn’t even begun yet, and the networks are already plotting their next moves. Take the links to see more of what’s in development for next season and beyond:

From “The Help” to Headmaster: Viola Davis will  likely star in an HBO half-hour series about a woman running an exclusive prep school who has greater ambitions.

My Two Dads: Former “Will & Grace Star” Sean Hayes will star in an NBC comedy pilot as one-half of a gay couple raising a child together.

No Love for “Big Love” Star: Bill Paxton has joined the History miniseries “The Hatfields and the McCoys” as the patriarch of the McCoy family and the nemisis of Costner’s character.

Teen Drama: The CW may be taking a stab at adapting the “Sex and the City” prequel series, “The Carrie Diaries,” for television. Meanwhile, ABC Family is developing a series based on the Mexican drama Terminales, about a young publicist who is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Talk About An Awkward Reunion: The creators of “Drop Dead Diva” and “Rescue Me” are developing a new drama series for ABC about an FBI agent who gets partnered with her former fiance, who came out of the closet on the day of their wedding.

No Longer “According to Jim”: Jim Belushi is working on a new comedy series about a single father raising a teenager with the creator of “Murphy Brown.”


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