The TV Casting Scoop

With so many new and returning shows coming this fall, there have been a lot of new characters being added. Here are some of the big casting scoops:

An Ideal Situation? “Parenthood” has cast newcomer Rosa Salazar as a pregnant woman at hopeful adoptive parent Julia’s office who isn’t sure if she’s ready for parenthood herself.

Getting Political: Ryan Rottman (“Gigantic”) has won the role of Shane on “90210.” Shane is an openly gay twenty-something fighting for marriage equality, and will probably play into Silver’s work with fellow newcomer Brandy.

Clueless: “Lie To Me” alum Kelli Garner will guest on “The Mentalist” as a woman who still believes Patrick Jane is a psychic.

“Castle” Meets “Futurama”: Veteran actor William Atherton will play a cryogenics expert who gets mixed up in one of Castle and Beckett’s cases when a body goes missing. Maybe it’s hanging Leela and Bender?

Frequent Flyer: Longtime “ER” star Goran Visnjic will recur on “Pan Am” as an immigrant torn between his Yugoslavian homeland and the U.S.


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