The TV Casting Scoop

With so many new and returning shows coming this fall, there have been a lot of new characters being added. Here are some of the big casting scoops:

Sitcom Family: Josh Groban will guest on “The Office” as Andy’s brother, Molly Shannon will play sister to Patricia Heaton on “The Middle,” and character actor Stephen Root will appear as Sabrina’s father on “Raising Hope.”

New Kid On the Block: Joey McIntyre will appear on “CSI: NY” as a man that gets caught up in a shooting.

Good Riddance? Kathryn Winnick, who played the not-so-beloved Hannah on “Bones” last season, will guest star on the 4th episode of “Nikita.”

Can’t Wait to See This: Parker Posey will play the ex-wife of Eli (Alan Cumming) on an upcoming episode of “The Good Wife.”

Desperately Seeking Susan: Miguel Ferrer will star as Susan’s tough new art professor on “Desperate Housewives,” while Tom is living the single life and getting a love interest in the form of “Friends” actress Jessica Hecht. [Update: Hecht is out, actress Andrea Parker is in.]

Another “New Girl”: Zooey Deschanel tweeted news last night that “Childrens Hospital” actress Lake Bell will appear in an episode of her new FOX comedy series.

Not So Saintly: Former “V” priest Joel Gretsch will recur on “The Playboy Club” as a nemesis to Eddie Cibrian’s character.


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