A Trailer A Day: “Person of Interest”

From “Lost” creator J.J. Abrams, “Person of Interest” stars Jim Caviezel as an ex-CIA agent who teams up with a billionaire (“Lost” star Michael Emerson), with the help of a mysterious machine that can predict crimes. In honor of the key art being released yesterday, here’s a trailer for “Person of Interest,” premiering on Thursday, September 22 at 9pm:


The Calendar of Fall TV 2011 Premieres – Broadcast Edition

Here is an updated list of premiere dates for your favorite returning series and your soon-to be favorite fall TV shows.

Below are links to the networks and the sites for their shows, many of which will feature trailers and descriptions of each upcoming series:

Tuesday 9/13
8 90210 (CW)
9 Ringer (CW)
10 Parenthood (NBC)

Wednesday 9/14
8 H8R (CW)/ Survivor: South Pacific (CBS)
9 America’s Next Top Model (CW)
10 Up All Night (Special Time, NBC)
10:30 Free Agents (Special Time, NBC)

Thursday 9/15
8 The Vampire Diaries (CW)
9 The Secret Circle (CW)

Monday 9/19
8 Dancing with the Stars (2 Hours, ABC)/ How I Met Your Mother (1-Hour Premiere, CBS)/ The Sing-Off (2 Hours, NBC)
9 Two and a Half Men (CBS)
9:30 2 Broke Girls (Special Time, CBS)
10 Castle (ABC)/ Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)/ The Playboy Club (NBC)

Tuesday 9/20
8 The Biggest Loser (2 Hours, NBC)/ Glee (FOX)/ NCIS (CBS)
9 Dancing with the Stars (ABC)/ NCIS: LA (CBS)/ New Girl (FOX)
9:30 Raising Hope (FOX)
10 Body of Proof (ABC)/ Unforgettable (CBS)

Wednesday 9/21
8 The Middle (1-Hour Premiere, ABC)/ The X Factor (2 Hours, FOX)/ Up All Night (Time-Period Premiere, NBC)
8:30 Free Agents (Time-Period Premiere, NBC)
9 Criminal Minds (CBS)/ Harry’s Law (NBC)/ Modern Family (1-Hour Premiere, ABC)
10 CSI (CBS)/ Law & Order: SVU/ Revenge (ABC)

Thursday 9/22
8 The Big Bang Theory(1-Hour Premiere, CBS)/ Charlie’s Angels (ABC)/ Community (NBC)/ The X Factor (2 Hours, FOX)
8:30 Parks & Recreation (NBC)
9 Grey’s Anatomy (2-Hour Premiere, ABC)/ The Office (NBC)/ Person of Interest (CBS)
9:30 Whitney (NBC)
10 The Mentalist (CBS)/ Prime Suspect (NBC)

Friday 9/23
8 A Gifted Man (CBS)/ Kitchen Nightmares (FOX)/ Nikita (CW)
9 CSI: NY (CBS)/ Fringe (FOX)/ Supernatural (CW)
10 Blue Bloods(CBS)

Sunday 9/25
7 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2-Hour Premiere)
8 The Amazing Race (CBS)/ The Simpsons (FOX)
8:30 The Cleveland Show (FOX)
9 Desperate Housewives (ABC)/ Family Guy (FOX)/ The Good Wife (CBS)
9:30 American Dad (FOX)
10 CSI: Miami (CBS)/ Pan Am (ABC)

Monday 9/26
8 Gossip Girl (CW)/ Terra Nova (2-Hour Premiere, FOX)
8:30 2 Broke Girls (Time-Period Premiere, CBS)
9 Hart of Dixie (CW)

Wednesday 9/28
8:30 Suburgatory (ABC)
9:30 Happy Endings (ABC)

Thursday 9/29
8:30 How to Be A Gentleman (CBS)
9:30 Mike & Molly (CBS)
10 Private Practice (ABC)

Sunday 10/2
7 America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)

Monday 10/3
9 House (FOX)

Saturday 10/8
8 Rules of Engagement (CBS)

Tuesday 10/11
8 Last Man Standing (1-Hour Premiere, ABC)

Tuesday 10/18
8:30 Man Up! (ABC)

Friday 10/21
8 Chuck (NBC)/ Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Time-Period Premiere, 2 Hours, ABC)
9 Grimm (NBC)

Sunday 10/23
8 Once Upon A Time (ABC)

Sunday 10/30
7:30 The Cleveland Show (Time Period Premiere, FOX)/ 8:30 Allen Gregory (FOX)

Thursday 11/3
9 Bones (FOX)

Wednesday 11/23
9:30 I Hate My Teenage Daughter (FOX)

[Update: The premiere of “Rules of Engagement” has been pushed back from 9/24 to 10/8.]

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A Trailer A Day: “Unforgettable”

CBS loves its crime procedurals, and “Unforgettable”” is certainly on brand. But it isn’t completely without intrigue. It stars Poppy Montgomery (“Without A Trace”) as a homicide detective who can remember everything… except the day of her sister’s unsolved murder. Also starring “Nip/Tuck”‘s Dylan Walsh, the show premieres Tuesday, September 19 at 10pm. Take a look:

A Trailer A Day: “2 Broke Girls”

“2 Broke Girls” is a new comedy series that follows Kat Dennings and newcomber Beth Behrs as very different women struggling to make it in New York City. The show is set to premiere on Monday, September 19 with a special post-“Two and A Half Men” episode before settling into its usual 8:30 time slot the following week. Take a look:

The TCA Breakdown: CBS

Here are a few tidbits from CBS‘s Television Critics Association session:

See who Ashton Kutcher will be playing on “Two and a Half Men” (hint: there’s a “Social Network” connection). [TVLine]

Ted Danson’s “CSI” character is a family man, Marg Helgenberger will leave the show this season. [The Hollywood Reporter]

See a sneak peek of Danson’s character, DB Russell, here. [Inside TV]

“Lost” star Terry O’Quinn’s arc as McGarrett’s former mentor on “Hawaii Five-0” will last 6 episodes. [The Futon Critic]

“A Gifted Man” boss addresses cast and plot shake-ups. [Deadline]

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The TV Talk’s Fall Picks – CBS

While I’m counting down the days until fall, I’ve decided to detail the shows I’m looking forward to (and what I’m not) from each network. Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the trailers and am only going on my intuition as an avid TV viewer. The links will take you to the web site for each new show, click on them to watch trailers and see cast photos.

Returning Favorites:

Admittedly, I don’t watch that many returning CBS series, although probably more than most people under 50. But here goes:

After an amazing second season, “The Good Wife” returns on a new night and time.  The only thing I wish for is more “Christine Baranski.” I can’t get enough of Diane Lockhart. Sundays 9pm.

“How I Met Your Mother” returns for a 7th season, and I really hope that things start to move forward.  Last season was somewhat of an improvement with story arcs like the death of Marshall’s father. Here’s hoping for more emotional developments this season. Mondays 8pm.

I have never actually watched an episode of “Two and a Half Men,” and I don’t plan on starting now that Ashton Kutcher is taking the reins from Charlie Sheen. However, it is the highest-rated comedy on TV, so some people must enjoy it. Mondays 9pm.

I’m interested to see how “The Mentalist” will resolve (Spoiler Alert) what appears to be the death of Red John at the hands of Patrick Jane in last season’s explosive finale. Thursdays 10pm.

Another show I’ve never really followed, I’m interested to see how “Rules of Engagement” will do in such a strange time slot followed by comedy encores and true crime shows. If anyone can bring back scripted TV on the weekends, it’s CBS, considering how well their Friday night line-up does each year. Saturdays 8pm.

New Series:

I’m a huge Kat Dennings fan and “2 Broke Girls” looks great. Coming off the blockbuster smash “Thor,” I hope she brings some of that buzz with her. While I’m still not a fan of the traditional style of the show, this show seems to have an edge that could set it apart. Mondays 8:30pm.

The new “Mentalist” clone “Unforgettable” stars Poppy Montgomery as a woman with a gift for remembering everything she sees, albeit with one obligatory exception.  If you like crime procedurals, this might be for you. Tuesdays 10pm.

I haven’t made my mind up about “How to Be A Gentleman” yet. I was not an Entourage fan, and Kevin Dillon‘s schtick continues to do nothing for me here. However, I am a fan of David Hornsby, who plays the titular gentleman, from his work as Rickety Cricket on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and the fact that he’s married to Emily Deschanel from “Bones.” Thursdays 8:30pm.

“Person of Interest” could go either way for me as well. It has a great cast, including Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson and “Lost”‘s Michael Emerson. While the dark feel makes the trailer mysterious, it is the same thing that could make the show a little too bleak. I guess only time will tell. Thursdays 9pm.

I am interested in seeing how “A Gifted Man” plays out.  The trailer was decent and the cast seems good in it, and hopefully the show doesn’t get too sentimental about its premise, in which the deceased wife of a surgeon returns to him as a ghost.  The network has had success with the somewhat similar “The Ghost Whisperer” and two seasons of “Medium” on the same night, so this certainly has a shot. Fridays 8pm.

CBS has arguably the most solid line-up of the broadcast networks and they only have two series, the Robert De Niro-produced “The 2-2” and sleeper hit “Undercover Boss” for midseason.

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The CBS Fall Schedule

In an attempt to make things as easy as possible for readers, I’ve decided to post a simple schedule for each network along with my thoughts on each network.  Here’s the CBS schedule:

Wednesday 9/14
8 Survivor: South Pacific

Monday 9/19
8 How I Met Your Mother (1-Hour Premiere)
9 Two and a Half Men
9:30 2 Broke Girls (Special Time)
10 Hawaii Five-0

Tuesday 9/20
10 Unforgettable

Wednesday 9/21
9 Criminal Minds
10 CSI

Thursday 9/22
8 The Big Bang Theory(1-Hour Premiere)
9 Person of Interest
10 The Mentalist

Friday 9/23
8 A Gifted Man
10 Blue Bloods

Sunday 9/25
8 The Amazing Race
9 The Good Wife
10 CSI: Miami

Monday 9/26
8:30 2 Broke Girls (Time-Period Premiere)

Thursday 9/29 8:30 How to Be A Gentleman
9:30 Mike & Molly

Saturday 10/8
8 Rules of Engagement

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Sources: CBS