The TV on DVD

So many great shows, current and classic, are released every week.  Here’s what’s coming out on August 9, with links to in case you’re looking to expand your TV on DVD collection:

“The Angry Beavers” Seasons 1&2: For you old-school Nickelodeon fans, the first two seasons are now available on DVD.

“Brothers & Sisters” Season 5: Buy the final season of the series, starring Calista Flockhart, Sally Field, and Gilles Marini.

“The Event” Season 1: Get the complete series of this one-season wonder.

“Gossip Girl” Season 4: Catch up on the CW fan favorite before it returns in September.

“NCIS” Season 8: One of TV’s most-watched shows releases another season on DVD.

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The TV Talk’s Shows I Can’t Get Into

For better or worse, I’m pretty much addicted to television. So for me to give up a TV show is almost unheard of, which I showed in my list of shows I really should quit watching but still have not. but it happens. For 3 seasons people would tell me how great “Fringe” was. I’d watched the pilot and a few of the mythology episodes, but I didn’t like the Case of the Week episodes. This summer, however, I gave in and started watching, only to get hooked and watch every one.  So, in honor of my new-found love of “Fringe,” I thought I would talk about several other shows I simply can’t get into, no matter how great people say they are:

“Supernatural” – This is a show that just wasn’t on my radar for the first few years it was on, although I’m not sure that would have made a difference. I am not a big fan of shows with extremely small casts, let alone shows with only very few characters and no consistent love interests (i.e. the 1st season of “Human Target”). Over the years, it developed from a “monsters procedural” to something with great stakes and beloved characters. While I’m well aware that the show has a rabid fan base, it seems like the opportunity to get into it has unfortunately passed.

Every CBS procedural – Save for a brief obsession with Spike TV reruns of the original “CSI” several years ago, I am not a fan of plot over character. So for the most part, murder-of-the-week shows don’t do anything for me, and that is CBS’s specialty. Obviously these shows are huge with viewers, namely older ones, hence CBS’s huge total ratings for shows like “NCIS.” But I need more development between the characters, which I can get from “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Bones,” and “House” (although that wasn’t the case when that show began). I get why they’re popular, I get why I don’t like them, and I have no problem saying “No thank you.”

“The Simpsons” – Slightly different situation from “Supernatural,” I feel as if I missed the prime years of “The Simpsons.” A few years ago, I decided that if I liked “Family Guy,” the rest of the Animation Domination Sunday Line-Up could be for me. I watched nearly an entire season of “The Simpsons” before I realized it didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t necessarily bad or anything, but it also didn’t really make me laugh or make me feel something in a way that “Family Guy” can.  And while the merits of both shows can be debated, it seems “Simpsons” fans pretty much agree that the show isn’t what it used to be. The social satire of older seasons wouldn’t have the same bite now, so it seems like a lost cause.

“Breaking Bad” – This is one that is probably the biggest surprise for someone who loves TV so much, but I can only take so many of critical darlings. Simply put, this isn’t a show for me, which is why I never made it past season 2. I don’t love slow-burn shows, which is why I never made it past the pilots of “Rubicon,” “The Wire” or “Boardwalk Empire.” All of these shows fit a certain niche that isn’t for me, which is a group of  incredibly dark shows that move at their own pace. The only true exception to this rule for me is “Mad Men,” which mixes in humor and dark melodrama in a way that keeps me intrigued. Now that an end has been set, maybe I’ll catch up at some point.

“Private Practice” – This is a special exception, because I actually watch this show every week for some reason. But I must admit that I DVR every episode and fast forward through all of the medical cases and only watch the character interactions. I mean, every episode is exactly the same: at least 2 of them get some kind of insanely sketchy medical case and then they all gather in a room and argue about it for 5 minutes, which doesn’t seem like good patient-doctor privilege. They even addressed this in the most recent season finale, when they were super upset that people were questioning them, even though they gossip about their patients constantly. But Shonda Rhimes does good relationship drama, so I stick around.

Which shows can’t keep you watching? Leave your answer in the comments.

The Calendar of Fall TV 2011 Premieres – Broadcast Edition

Here is an updated list of premiere dates for your favorite returning series and your soon-to be favorite fall TV shows.

Below are links to the networks and the sites for their shows, many of which will feature trailers and descriptions of each upcoming series:

Tuesday 9/13
8 90210 (CW)
9 Ringer (CW)
10 Parenthood (NBC)

Wednesday 9/14
8 H8R (CW)/ Survivor: South Pacific (CBS)
9 America’s Next Top Model (CW)
10 Up All Night (Special Time, NBC)
10:30 Free Agents (Special Time, NBC)

Thursday 9/15
8 The Vampire Diaries (CW)
9 The Secret Circle (CW)

Monday 9/19
8 Dancing with the Stars (2 Hours, ABC)/ How I Met Your Mother (1-Hour Premiere, CBS)/ The Sing-Off (2 Hours, NBC)
9 Two and a Half Men (CBS)
9:30 2 Broke Girls (Special Time, CBS)
10 Castle (ABC)/ Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)/ The Playboy Club (NBC)

Tuesday 9/20
8 The Biggest Loser (2 Hours, NBC)/ Glee (FOX)/ NCIS (CBS)
9 Dancing with the Stars (ABC)/ NCIS: LA (CBS)/ New Girl (FOX)
9:30 Raising Hope (FOX)
10 Body of Proof (ABC)/ Unforgettable (CBS)

Wednesday 9/21
8 The Middle (1-Hour Premiere, ABC)/ The X Factor (2 Hours, FOX)/ Up All Night (Time-Period Premiere, NBC)
8:30 Free Agents (Time-Period Premiere, NBC)
9 Criminal Minds (CBS)/ Harry’s Law (NBC)/ Modern Family (1-Hour Premiere, ABC)
10 CSI (CBS)/ Law & Order: SVU/ Revenge (ABC)

Thursday 9/22
8 The Big Bang Theory(1-Hour Premiere, CBS)/ Charlie’s Angels (ABC)/ Community (NBC)/ The X Factor (2 Hours, FOX)
8:30 Parks & Recreation (NBC)
9 Grey’s Anatomy (2-Hour Premiere, ABC)/ The Office (NBC)/ Person of Interest (CBS)
9:30 Whitney (NBC)
10 The Mentalist (CBS)/ Prime Suspect (NBC)

Friday 9/23
8 A Gifted Man (CBS)/ Kitchen Nightmares (FOX)/ Nikita (CW)
9 CSI: NY (CBS)/ Fringe (FOX)/ Supernatural (CW)
10 Blue Bloods(CBS)

Sunday 9/25
7 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2-Hour Premiere)
8 The Amazing Race (CBS)/ The Simpsons (FOX)
8:30 The Cleveland Show (FOX)
9 Desperate Housewives (ABC)/ Family Guy (FOX)/ The Good Wife (CBS)
9:30 American Dad (FOX)
10 CSI: Miami (CBS)/ Pan Am (ABC)

Monday 9/26
8 Gossip Girl (CW)/ Terra Nova (2-Hour Premiere, FOX)
8:30 2 Broke Girls (Time-Period Premiere, CBS)
9 Hart of Dixie (CW)

Wednesday 9/28
8:30 Suburgatory (ABC)
9:30 Happy Endings (ABC)

Thursday 9/29
8:30 How to Be A Gentleman (CBS)
9:30 Mike & Molly (CBS)
10 Private Practice (ABC)

Sunday 10/2
7 America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)

Monday 10/3
9 House (FOX)

Saturday 10/8
8 Rules of Engagement (CBS)

Tuesday 10/11
8 Last Man Standing (1-Hour Premiere, ABC)

Tuesday 10/18
8:30 Man Up! (ABC)

Friday 10/21
8 Chuck (NBC)/ Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Time-Period Premiere, 2 Hours, ABC)
9 Grimm (NBC)

Sunday 10/23
8 Once Upon A Time (ABC)

Sunday 10/30
7:30 The Cleveland Show (Time Period Premiere, FOX)/ 8:30 Allen Gregory (FOX)

Thursday 11/3
9 Bones (FOX)

Wednesday 11/23
9:30 I Hate My Teenage Daughter (FOX)

[Update: The premiere of “Rules of Engagement” has been pushed back from 9/24 to 10/8.]

Sources: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW

A Trailer A Day: “The Secret Circle”

From the creator of “The Vampire Diaries,” the CW’s new series “The Secret Circle” stars Britt Robertson (“Life Unexpected”) as a teenage girl who moves to a small town, only to discover that she descends from a line of witches. The show premieres on Thursday, September 15, and you can check out the trailer here:

A Trailer A Day: “Sons of Anarchy”

FX’s motorcycle drama “Sons of Anarchy”returns for a 4th season on Tuesday, September 6. Check out this trailer with the 1st new footage of the new season:

A Trailer A Day: “Boardwalk Empire”

Premiering on Sunday, September 25, “Boardwalk Empire” returns for a second season on HBO. Take a look:

The TV on DVD

So many great shows, current and classic, are released every week.  Here’s what’s coming out on August 9, with links to in case you’re looking to expand your TV on DVD collection:

Hey Arnold! Season 1 – A TV Talk’s fave from childhood, hopefully this great Nickelodeon show will become part of Teennick’s “The ’90s Are All That” line-up sometime soon.

MASK: The Complete Series – Or, in case you aren’t looking for the whole series, the 1st volume of the animated series is also available today.

Secret Diary of A Call Girl: The Final Season – The fourth and final season of the British import is being released.

Top Gear: The Complete Season 16 – Do people buy box sets of reality shows?

Webster Season 3 – The third season of the classic sitcom is finally being released on DVD, 25 years after it originally aired.

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